In this episode, I’m a guest on the Jim Gale Show (C.E.O of Food Forest Abundance) and share my story on how I ended up stepping into the “free speech” landscape, encouraging others to freely express themselves, in life, and on my podcast. I encourage everyone to check out Jim’s podcast. He’s a true visionary, along with Matthew Britt, who wear their hearts on their sleeves. wanting to share that love with the world.

“J-man comes from a 20-plus year career in entertainment as a former radio announcer and emcee at festivals and other public appearances.  He shares ways he was programmed before to “play the game,” some of which involved deception.

Never intending to be “in the spotlight” as one opening more doors to free speech, J-man has been moved by many of his guests including those injured by the jab, and others who lost jobs for refusing to take part in medical intervention.”

To Find Out More About Decentralized Food & Food Forests.

Catch out all J-man’s podcast clips, episodes, and social media, HERE.

“Take care, be well & love simply because you can”

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