SE07 EP04: Fired Covid Nurse Speaks Her Truth!

This podcast features former covid nurse, Carla, who was fired for refusing mandates. She literally volunteered to work the covid unit of her hospital when covid first hit and throughout the pandemic, with no vaccine. When vaccines became available, she declined, and in doing so, was ultimately fired when the mandates came down.

Carla shares what it feels like to go from being a celebrated member of the pandemic, a hero, to a zero. The conversations behind closed doors in regards to doctors and treatments that would lessen the symptoms/severity of covid, and the reality of people dying alone, saying goodbye through “zoom” or having to choose between loved ones when it came to who they could have by their bedside.

Carla is a caring, loving person, and to think a hospital would let someone like her go is an incredible loss to the health care system. It scares me to think how many other wonderful people that industry has lost, for absolutely nothing.

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“Take care, be well & love simply because you can”

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