SE06 EP07: Jody Ledgerdwood: Beat Illegal Mandates:

You may have seen Jody on her viral Instagram video at Eaton Centre where she refused to leave the food court when asked to leave because she didn’t have a vaccine passport, nor was she wearing a mask. That video on Instagram alone has garnered 300 000 views. It’s been all over the world, on multiple platforms, and it thrust her into a position of influence, to where now she’s become a full-fledged freedom fighter.

In this podcast, we discuss some legal routes (not legal advice) on how to navigate these mandates, which according to her, and the Canadian Charter, are unjust. Topics include Jab vs Job, masks, freedom of movement, proper procedures when being prejudiced, as well as what NOT to do…you’re on the right side of the law until you’re not.

If you’re afraid, alone, angry, lost, or sad, I believe this podcast, will give you HOPE! It’s 60 minutes of Jody and me, talking mandates, and how to man up to them, and win. to bring the road hockey games to your town, and look under
the “Your Rights” section for the PDF.

* disclaimer, Jody is not a lawyer, nor is this legal advice


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“Take care, be well & love simply because you can”


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