SE05 EP10: Listen to THIS, If You’ve Lost Someone YOU Love.

5 years ago, I lost my mother. Marjorie. She was, by far, the most important person in my life. I really don’t remember the first 2 years after her passing, but eventually…I began to heal. I’m currently in the process of writing a book called, “Lessons From The 4th Grade” which is a common-sense personal development book, based upon my mother’s teachings. Basically, how she raised me, the morals and ethics she instilled in me.

This podcast came about because I was asked to talk about relationships. How to build them, how to connect with people, and I’m guessing I was asked because that’s something I’m kinda known for. Being able to create a connection with someone, quickly.

Instead, I took the opportunity to talk about RELATIONSHIPS, with loss, with one’s self, and with others. It’s an introspective look at my life when it was at its most difficult.

I’m hoping this offers you some healing, and at the very least, help build the relationship we have with one another.


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“Take care, be well & love simply because you can”


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