This podcast is just random conversations with people I know, some well, some others not so well. There are some exceptional stories in here, like one fella who took a puff from Snoops joint/had Etta James stick her tongue down his throat, Lol.

Other stories include, a teacher talking about the kindest thing students ever did for her, another young lady talking about mental health, and announcing her new addition to the family. I catch up with a 20-year old friendship created on xbox live. There is also some concussion talk, that somehow turned into a chicken/hen conversation.

There’s also some hairdresser talk and a hilarious story of her botching a hairstyle when she was first getting started in the industry.

This is full of laughs, gratitude, and good times. I really hope you enjoy it.

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“Take care, be well & love simply because you can”

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