SE04 EP02: Theo Fleury: Stanley Cup Champion

This is the ultimate Theo Fleury interview, there’s so much covered here. Inside, we talk about his “Hall of Fame” baseball career, his country music album, that time he performed with a Juno award winner at Stampede, the song he put together for a video game, his book/documentary “Playing with Fire” and so much more…..

Theo has been advocating on behalf of sexual assault victims across the world, helping people face their demons, alcohol and drug addiction, depression, and anxiety. He’s most definitely one of the most influential voices in this space at the moment. 16 years later, and more relevant than ever. I promise you, you’ll love Theo even more, after the next 60 minutes.

Find his wellness app and books HERE, and Theo’s Country music title track: “I Am Who I Am.” Check out “Pixelated Heros” the documentary.

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