Mel founded Decorus Life, offering leadership & life coaching services to bring clarity and a deeper sense of connection for men and women who manage a nutso amount of responsibilities. In addition to co-founding DudeBuddha, he is a partner at HealthGenie, where he provides consulting services to gyms, schools, and recreational facilities in setting up Muay Thai programs.

Mel has been engulfed in Muay Thai for almost 25 years, spending 2 years training, fighting, and teaching in Thailand. He was at the helm of a successful MMA school in Toronto for over 11 years where he supported thousands of people from entrepreneurs, executives, and children. Whether in or outside the ring, the ability to control the impact of emotions in order to achieve clarity and focus under stress is a major factor in winning.

It was this very experience that he realized the deeper value of his martial arts training and coaching in supporting the lives of his members. This attracted corporate executives, Entrepreneurs, and individuals who carry an incredible amount of responsibilities to seek the “Kru” for advice.

This podcast is full of wisdom, wellness, and practical solutions to anxiety, stress, and overall wellbeing. I’m honored to “Kru” Mel Bellissimo, start off season 4 of The Launchpad Podcast, and in such a BIG way. This is full of value, jam-packed with brain nuggets for everyone!

Check out his amazing YouTube videos, and website, HERE.

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