Eddie Brown is a former CFL All-Star and Grey Cup Champion. He was one of the best to do what he did, playing a HUGE role in winning the 81st Grey Cup with the Edmonton Eskimos. His shoestring catch at the 84th Grey Cup is known for being THE GREATEST CATCH in CFL Grey Cup History (#2 on TSN’s “Most Memorable Plays” in CFL History)

Inside we talk about a bunch of things:

  • meeting/training with Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice
  • mindset of a pro athlete
  • his favorite and least favorite teams
  • dealing with the loss of a loved one while being on the cusp of achieving his ultimate goal, playing in the NFL
  • being a single dad/pro athlete
  • mentoring and training kids that are entertaining a future in football

There are some serious life lessons inside, like heavy life lessons. I’m grateful to Eddie for opening up and letting us witness his true greatness, OFF the field, not just on it.


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“Take care, be well & love simply because you can”

  • Eddie Brown and I talk about the mindset of a pro athlete, the importance of keeping a good circle, and his tragic loss when he was right on the cusp of playing in the NFL.
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