SE03 EP03: Darpan Ahluwalia: “Total Nutrition Diva”

Let’s get deep into your personal wellness with the owner of the Manotick Natural Market, Darpan Ahluwalia 🙂 she’s won “nutritionist of the year” multiple times, and a recipient of the “Distinctive Women Of Canada” award 4 years running 😮 this podcast is gonna make YOU feel good‼️”

Darpan and I cover so much ground, the foods to eat, the food to avoid. The importance of drinking lots of water and having regular bowel movements. She also tosses in some tips on how to get your kids to eat better foods! Darpan is smart, funny, intelligent and an endless fountain of relevant information when it comes to your overall wellness. Check her out at the Manotick Natural Market.


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“Take care, be well & love simply because you can”

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