In this episode of The Launchpad Podcast, I get to sit down with a gentleman I met that helped me out a few times during my time spent at a radio station I was working at in Pembroke. Jason starts off with a really funny story that just sets the tone for this talk. We discuss his charity work, including the ones I ran….there’s a great tale to be told and you won’t believe where he came from to be there!

Jason also talks about his very own charity golf tournament, the money that’s raised, and some of the incredible entertainers he’s collaborated with on and off the greens at his celebrity events. I also pick his brain, wanting to know what it’s like to go from home town boy to one of the hottest acts in Canadian country music, his countless CCMA nominations, and discuss the song that scored him a CCMA award and why it meant so much. Oh, and poutine, we talk about poutine…and what turning 40 feels like, for him.

This guy has over 8 million digital streams, maybe it’s time you take a listen if you haven’t already. for everything JB.


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