SE01 EP04: David Gogo: Sleepover with SRV

  • 1:08:45
  • March 29, 2019
  • 29.4M
  • Explicit Content

J-man sits down with David Gogo, multiple Maple Blues Award Winner and JUNO nominee…he’s even had a JUNO disqualification! We also discuss him sleeping on Stevie Ray Vaughan‘s hotel room floor and the last words Stevie spoke to David that made a lifetime impact.

David also defines success and what “making it” looks like to him, the people he’s played with, from Johnny Winter to B.B King, and how the music industry has changed since he was playing rented halls with his friends as a teenager. He also gives us a peek into his family life, relationships, and how much of that might make it into a song.


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