About Me

Thanks for taking the time to find out more, about me.

Jason “J-man” Petrunik is a former radio announcer with almost 20 years of experience in the entertainment sphere, and most of those were spent in the major market of Ottawa, Ontario.

The Launchpad Podcast started as a porthole for personal development, covering a wide range of topics with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the business/networking space, as well as people that have performed at an elite level in their industry/profession. Like Stanley Cup Champion Theo Fleury, BIG SUGAR, CCMA award winner Jason Blaine, 4 x Juno nominee Jamie Fine, CFL Grey Cup Champions Eddie Brown and Randy Spencer, Kelly Williams, who was voted one of Canada’s TOP 100 most powerful females, as well as TV personality Lisa Hillary, the 2-time EMMY Award winner and trailblazing female in the industry.

Over the years, Jason has interviewed the likes of Colin James, Gordie Johnson, Blue Rodeo, Finger 11, Joe Bonamassa, Johnny Winter, James Cotton, and even former WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena.

Jason is also passionate about using his platform for FREEDOM of speech and expression and has been leaning into that more recently because he believes that people are intelligent to hear all sides (favourable or not) then make their own intelligent decisions. Just because it may not be a popular opinion, doesn’t mean that opinion shouldn’t be expressed. You can choose to listen, or not, Jason just brings them to the table. The ability to listen, effectively, in Jason’s opinion, is an eroding attribute in today’s society, J-man hopes to create change in this area, encouraging people to learn from opposing views, opposed to dismissing them.

J-man is passionate, intelligent, funny, informative and inclusive. His guests feel comfortable talking to him, mainly because he’s driven by wanting to add value to the listener and deliver an intimate, memorable, authentic experience for all parties involved. This is likely WHY he’s successful in the endeavours he chooses to pursue – because his audience feels that too.

“Take care, be well & love simply because you can.” ~ J-man

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